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Scope of Work


Phase I
Preliminary Review & Assessment of Operation & Conditions / Planning Kitchen Operation & Scope

  1. Review of existing plans, operation, function, and layout function with the owner and/or owner's representative. This includes one site visit by RDA staff as required.
  2. Review scope and type of service, menu, volume of food and beverages, methods used in handling, preparing and packaging/serving menu to students, staff, and/or public.
  3. Prepare review list of operation areas and functions.
  4. Review each operation's functions for deficiencies.
  5. Evaluate existing/proposed methods of food and beverage handling, staging, storage, prep cooking, holding, chilling, thermalization, re-storage for future use, reconstituting/reheating, and method of holding, delivery, and serving.
  6. Review existing plans, if available. Compare with recommendations.
  7. Make recommendations on changes to meet revised service function and menu.
  8. Review budget. Prepare preliminary budget estimate.
  9. Review with architect, owner/developer, and/or owner/developer representative.

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Phase II
Preliminary Planning / Schematic Layout of Kitchen

  1. Prepare schematic layout that will be able to support the menu and handle the volume expected. Compare with existing layout, showing recommended changes.
  2. Incorporate full scope and function of the operation and support areas.
  3. Layout function and flow.
  4. Begin list of new, owner-vendor, and existing foodservice equipment (to be designed into drawings).
  5. Review budget for furniture, fixtures, equipment, and related items.
  6. Review with architect, owner/developer, and/or owner/developer representative.
  7. Revise as required to create final schematic drawing and equipment list.

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Phase III
Foodservice Equipment / Kitchen Furniture Specifications & Budgeting

  1. Begin equipment list and utility schedule for engineers.
  2. Compile package of cut sheets on foodservice/kitchen equipment.
  3. Conduct preliminary meetings with engineers & contractors to review requirements/scope.
  4. Revise budget for foodservice/kitchen equipment as required.
  5. Review with architect, owner/developer, and/or owner/developer representative. Includes 1 (one) site meeting by RDA staff with owner's representative.
  6. Revise as required to prepare for final contract documents.

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Phase IV
Final Equipment & Furniture Specification, Utility Requirements & Utility Stub-Out Drawings

  1. Write foodservice equipment / kitchen furniture specifications for incorporation into architectural / construction documents.
  2. Prepare final foodservice / kitchen drawings & layouts for incorporation into architectural / construction documents.
  3. Prepare final foodservice equipment / kitchen furniture utility schedule, showing source and utility requirements for each piece of equipment, for incorporation into architectural / engineering /construction documents.
  4. Final review with architect, engineers, contractor, owner/developer, and/or owner/developer representative.

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Phase V
Prepare Construction Documents for Foodservice Equipment / Kitchen Furniture

  1. Include detailed equipment specifications on each piece of equipment to insure required options are supplied. To be incorporated into architectural / construction documents.
  2. Make required changes to plans to meet mechanical, structural, and engineering requirements.
  3. Make required changes to equipment specifications, to meet mechanical, structural, and engineering requirements.

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Phase VI
Final Review of Contract/Construction Documents

  1. Final review of plans, including foodservice/kitchen area and engineering documents.
  2. Review that equipment spacing and utilities requirements are shown where required.
  3. Final review of specifications.
  4. Final budget review. (Does not include an independent pre-bid analysis.)

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Phase VII

  1. RDA attendance of 1 (one) on-site pre-bid conference, addressing questions/problems that arise. Hourly rate, plus expenses apply.
  2. Review written requests for substitutions & clarifications.
  3. Attend bid opening, and review bids from suppliers with owner/developer, and/or owner/developer representative.

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Phase VIII
Negotiate With Foodservice Equipment Suppliers

  1. Supply and install foodservice equipment.
  2. Negotiate changes to lower cost of equipment.

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Phase IX
Contract Management of Foodservice

  1. Coordinate with architect, general contractors, sub-contractors and owner/developer, and/or owner/developer representative.
  2. Check submittals for compliance.
  3. Attend three site progress meetings during construction of project.
  4. Hold 1 (one) pre-final inspection
  5. Final inspections by RDA Design Group, with report upon completion.

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Additional Services Not Included In Proposal
Additional Services are available at an hourly rate plus expenses

  1. Major changes to accepted plans.
  2. Additional site visits.
  3. Meetings and/or unplanned on-site conferences.
  4. Review of changes that arise.
  5. Bidding & negotiation with suppliers (Phases VII & VIII).
  6. Weekly/monthly on-site progress meetings (Phase IX).
  7. Additional site inspections.
  8. Miscellaneous report(s) on progress and compliance not listed above.

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