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RDA Design Group

Welcome!! We are a hospitality and foodservice facility planning and design consulting firm serving the foodservice industry since 1988. Our company specializes in commericial kitchens. We offer a wide range of professional planning and design services.

Our goal is to deliver quality work to better serve our clients. We understand the need for accountability, cost effectiveness, timeliness and written documentation of the project development process. We want to educate architects, engineers, developers and owners on planning, designing, and writing foodservice equipment specifications.

Foodservice Consultants
What do we do?

A foodservice consultant is a professional advisor who, for a defined scope of work, works as an advocate for their client in achieving their goals through the design and implementation of foodservice facilities. Consultants provide expertise, knowledge and experience to give outside assistance and resources that does not exist in-house. As independent professionals, our primary focus is the interest of the clients we serve.


"Having a new project in foodservice can be a challenge.
RDA Design Group can take all of your worries away!"